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I was glad when they said unto me let us go to the house of the Lord. Indeed there is no place like being with the people you share the same vision with. J’Theatre is like a home, with one large family bonded with love. I personally love this group, J’Theatre.

I had benefited from this lovely group. I never imagined myself speaking the word of God to people. I never thought I could get the courage to speak to a large number of people. I had the chance to act in my early years of life but the never the same. I have now realize I have the gift of writing; poems and motivational messages. I have also gotten to learn from lovely people who are so gifted and talented.

Although there have been challenges; combing the academic work with the work of God, I must admit that has all been nice and full of fun. J’Theatre has really build my spiritual life. It has being a nice experience, especially assuming the position of the president.

To end I want to say that, the vision for the group, winning souls for Christ, still continuous. And we will together capture large area for God. God has called all of us to His vineyard and He has commissioned us to spread the word. God will require their blood from you and I if we sit unconcern. I have made a decision, J’Theatre is the tool am using. I hope to see you. And I pray you spread the word.

I love being in J’Theatre, I love all the members in this group, I’ve never regretted being part of this family.

After Scripture Union (SU) in the Secondary School, what was the next place to be in the University? GHAFES, yes, GHANA FELLOWSHIP OF ENVANGELICAL STUDENTS was the next place to be. What then was my mission in GHAFES; to witness Christ to the whole world?

GHAFES is a non and inter denominational fellowship with the aim of witnessing to people. Thus members of this group seek to know CHRIST and make HIM known. This done through various wings. Some of the wings are; J’Theatre, School Visitation Wing, Campus Evangelism Wing, Echoes of Calvary and Child Evangelism Wing.

J’Theatre is the DRAMA wing in GHAFES. Thus, members of J’Theatre spread the word of God through DRAMA ministrations. We believe that, God has commissioned every Christian to spread the WORD to non- Christians. Jesus spread the gospel by using parables and stories and it was easy for people to understand. It is said that things that are seen remains in the mind far a long time than things that are heard, hence our choice of way to minister the word of God.

From childhood I had always liked to imitate people. Is it not funny for a six-year-old girl to act like an old lady? That was how I got into acting. I had the chance to perform when I was in the Primary School and in the Junior Secondary School. But when I got to the Senior Secondary School, I saw how drama could influence people’s life. I therefore decided to act for Christ ONLY. Because at that time, I had really come to know that I need to spread the Gospel. When I joined GHAFES in September 2002, I decided to join the drama wing. My being in J’Theatre is a call.

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President with other executives
Dear reader, I want to use this opportunity to invite you to GHAFES and to J’Theatre if you are in the University of Cape Coast (UCC). We meet every Tuesday and Sunday, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and 6:00pm to 8:00pm respectively. The venue is behind the Chapel, Old Site.

If you are not in UCC then I implore you to fulfill the great commission if you are a Christian. If you are not then I entreat you to accept Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour, because the second coming of Christ is not a myth but it is real.

Behold the King is coming. Are you ready for HIM? PREPARE, BE READY FOR THE KING IS COMING.